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EDIT: I was actually contacted by a large national coalition about donating the Breakhate domain and agreed. The message is very similar and it involves a lot of great organizations. I still may do something along these lines and find a new URL, but this one should be redirecting to their site soon.

In response to recent terror attacks, I decided to start a new website called Break Hate. The basic idea is to respond to terrorist attacks with donations to charity, volunteering for activism and posting positive, solution-oriented portrayals of humanity on social media. If this were the response of people everywhere, it could both combat the intentions of the terrorists and improve the overall outlook and mentality of society. Granted, people should be doing these things all the time, but I think turning the reaction to a hateful act into one of positive problem solving and appreciation for the good things about humanity could both help break the cycle of hatred and lead to better awareness of the solutions that exist and the directions to pursue.

I’ve set up a separate domain for this – – but for now I’m just housing it under this site. The idea is to collect useful links and resources that people can use to donate, volunteer and re-post. I’d love to hear suggestions or thoughts on any of it.


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